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Language Translation

It is simply not possible for any individual or organization to know all the languages of the world. Also, in this era of globalization, language cannot be allowed to be a barricade. In order to contribute to global efforts to overcome this dilemma, SEPL has some years ago introduced translation services. Many a times, documents in a vernacular language is required to be accurately translated into a foreign language. There are also times when a document in a foreign language is required to be translated into Indian or another foreign language. Here comes the SEPL as the facilitator for translation services.

We have a large team of qualified as well as certified translators. They accurately translate all types of documents like affidavits, deeds, birth/death certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, educational documents, commercial documents, financial documents, legal documents etc. within a very short time. SEPL can also provide this service by email from the comfort of one's house. Read More