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SEPL Bricks Pvt. Ltd.

SEPL Bricks Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated in 2019 under the Govt. of India Companies Act 2013. It carries out the business as manufacturer, Producer, seller and dealers in bricks and tiles of all types and descriptions. The Construction Sector is an important part of the Indian economy contributing about 10% of the GDP. Bricks are the backbone of the Construction Sector. The present day constructions have RCC (Reinforced Concrete Cement) columns and mainly bricks are used as partition walls. They are no longer being used as load bearing walls in majority of the buildings. Annual production of SEPL Bricks Pvt. Ltd. is expected to be about 84 lakhs bricks. Advantage of SEPL Bricks Pvt. Ltd. is that its bricks are Uniform in size, much stronger and better in finish resluting in excellent masonry and plaster works.